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                  Collector and Classic Car Insurance

                  Whether your passion is for restoring antique autos or showing your classic car at the local cruise-in, you’ll need insurance coverage. Classic cars, antique vehicles and special interest autos can be added easily to an Erie Insurance auto policy.

                  Antique and Classic Collector Car Insurance

                  You love that special car—the engine, the color and the workmanship. Tinkering under the hood or showing your car at a classic car show is one of your favorite ways to spend a day. As an auto enthusiast, you’ve invested a lot of time and money in your car. Whether you own an antique, classic, collectible or custom built car, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right insurance coverage to keep your investment safe.

                  While some insurers require a separate policy to insure antique cars, classic cars or special interest vehicles, Erie Insurance can typically add them on the same policy as your other vehicles. Having one policy streamlines your account and billing, freeing up your time so you can get back to your car. ERIE also offers discounts for antique or classic cars that are driven at very low mileage, 500 miles or less per year.

                  Even if you never drive your vintage car, you’ll still want to protect it from unexpected events like fire, vandalism or theft. Your ERIE agent can advise you about the right coverage at the right price for your special vehicle.

                  Here are some of the unique cars that Erie Insurance covers1.

                  Cars we ensure What we look for
                  Classic Autos – at least 10 years old
                  • Limited production or exceptionally fine workmanship
                  • Has achieved rare or historical interest by being restored, maintained or preserved
                  Antique Autos – 25 years old or older
                  • In good running condition
                  • Licensed as an antique with the Department of Motor Vehicles
                  Special Interest Autos
                  • Value is maintained or appreciates as the car gets older

                  Convenient Coverage

                  Adding your special vehicles to your ERIE auto policy allows you to easily manage multiple vehicles from one account. We’ll make it even more convenient by sending an appraiser to validate the condition and value of your vehicle2 so you won’t have to upload hundreds of photographs.Ask a local ERIE agent

                  for more information about how to add your unique vehicles to your auto policy3.

                  1ERIE’s stated amount coverage pays actual cash value up to the stated amount shown on your policy declarations page. Coverage is not available in North Carolina.

                  2Appraisers will only be sent if vehicles are valued at over $30,000.

                  3Coverage is not available in all states. See individual policies for specific coverage details. Certain terms and limitations may apply. Refer to our disclaimer for additional information.



                  Get the right protection for the vehicles you’re passionate about.

                  READY TO ADD A VEHICLE?

                  Request a Quote
                  Collector and Classic Car Insurance classic car insurance Classic cars, antique vehicles and special interest autos can be added easily to an Erie Insurance auto policy. Erie Insurance http://www.15dongqiu.cn/-/media/images/erieinsurance/erieinsurancelogo.png